About us

Volar Fashion is an international fashion house which brings together craftsmen, buyers and customers. We specialize in fashion apparels, bags, shoes and look forward to expand our product basket in times to come. Currently, our expertise in footwear has been appreciated across multiple platforms upon which we have marked our presence: from websites to major ecommerce platforms. Editors and Stylists have liked the products and have been engaged in feedback and further development. In short duration of time, we have indeed bagged some most loyal customers.
Established, run and growing through two decades, Volar Fashion works on great creative zeal and responsibility, fused with a fun style statement. The world of fashion and innovation inspires us and we are motivated by mission to make these things reach the customers at very first. Innovation and development lead by constant customer feedback is our driving force. We give great attention to all the products right from conception to development, at sourcing and buying stages. Today, Volar Fashion has explored the more talked, less acted part of fashion with constant use of reusable materials, bio-degradable options and compostable packaging. Our aspiration is to be the leading fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition. Capturing fashion forward market trends and fresh seasonal colours. Every season introduces a fresh collection of forecasted international designs specially customized for global market. Adapting to the changing needs of clients every season and accordingly introduces latest designs.